The Other Side

This album is in praise of “femineity”, a pure, abstract, and essential quality on the other side of “masculinity”. Femineity, an attribute not uncanny to all of us, whether man or woman, it is an inner part of all human being.
“The Other Side” from musical point of view, is a pendulum between the Orient and the Occident, the West and East. It is a pendulum moving between the idiomatic string quartet, to the overtones and qualities associated with electronic music. Gypsy tunes, Middle Eastern lqa’at and cyclic meters, quarter tones, vocal articulations and ornamentations, and more influences which all make the work a challenge for string quartet and the performers. It includes the extreme fast and slow tempi and multi layer textures, all done well by the Iranian based young but professional female performers of Scheherzade Quartet.

Producer: Barana Art Institute

Composer: Hooshyar Khayam

Scheherzade Quartet:
Violin:Tina Jamegarmi
Violin:Yeganeh Hosseininia
Viola: Niloofar Sohi
Cello: Negar Norad

Recording: Persian Sound City, Barana Studio
Sound, Mixing and Mastering: Gholamreza Sadeghi

Cover Art: Landscape frome the «Surnl-e» series by Pariyoush Ganji, ink on paper (2013)

Designer: Sima Mortazavi
Photography: Kaveh Karami

PR: Sama Babaei
Production: Amir Ravanchi, Saba Ashrafi

Special thanks to: Kaveh Baghcheban, Makan Khoynezhad

Recorded in Tehran and Istanbul, 2018

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